Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Good Cup of Coffee on a Sunday Morning

Growing up, I always loved Sundays.  Church in the morning, family lunch, lazy afternoons devoted to watching movies, playing games or working outside if the weather was nice.  College ruined Sundays for me because Sundays meant that the fun part of the weekend was over and it was time to do all the homework that I neglected to do on Friday and Saturday.  However, I'm finally back to a time in my life where I love, and I mean, love Sundays.  
Today, I slept in, woke up to the sun shining brightly through the windows and I enjoyed the comforts of my soft and warm blankets as I finished a movie I began the night before.  After a leisurely breakfast with Cici and Lela, Cici and I continued sitting at the table, chatting about boys, music and life in general.  We peeled some kiwi and then decided that another cup of coffee was in order.  While Cici ran to the market, I sat outside on the steps enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee while Lela chopped onions and Mikheli worked in the yard.  As I sat on the steps, I of course offered to help Lela and Mikheli, but both turned me down and said to just relax.  I said ok, but then joked with them saying that if I was home in America, my dad would be putting me to work weeding the yard or my mom would be wanting help cleaning the house.  They both laughed and again told me to relax.  It was here that I truly began to realize that coming back to America in 8 months was going to be quite difficult.  I've become used this slower paced life, a life where waking up, drinking coffee, chatting and sitting in the sun is a perfectly ordinary day.  I shared my thoughts with Cici and she said, yup over in America, there are so many jobs to do, so much to worry about.  Here in Georgia, we don't have that.  People go to work and then they come home to rest and relax.  

A couple months ago, I remember thinking, how in the world am I going to fill my time? I'm going to be so bored! Turns out, I love slower life.  I love being able to sit with Michelle, Melissa and Tara for an entire day and just chat.  I love being able to sneak in a card game with Cici when she's not doing her homework.  I love my afternoon coffee dates with Lela where we laugh about how much sugar we are putting in our coffee.  I love that I have time to paint my toenails with several coats instead of the usual one coat right before I rush out the door.  I love going for long walks in the afternoons.  I love running into my students around town and speaking English to them.  

I'm not sure how I'll adjust to crazy, busy, always running from place to place, life in America.  Good thing that's 8 months away and I won't have to worry about it for a while.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy as many cups of coffee as I can!

***PS: for those of you wondering about school - I promise I am going everyday and teaching many wonderful students! I'll be posting a blog about it later this week! 


  1. >Turns out, I love slower life

    A lot of things we do not miss in life, unless we try them...

    > I'm not sure how I'll adjust to crazy, busy,
    > always running from place to place, life in
    > America.

    Ahemmm... get married and stay there. ;-)

    P.S. Is Tara back?

  2. When you come back, I'll have your coffee, Banilla yogurt and english muffins waiting for you. I promise. :o)

  3. It is wonderful for you to experience what is important in life and it isn't hustle bustle that we now think is important. There is a lot for Americas to learn from European nations. A few are urban neighborhoods (not land sprawl), mass transportation, fresh food markets and quality constructed homes that last 100+ years.

    Fatherly advice; watch out for Invisible. LYL Dad

  4. 2 Bill: Sir, you have a wonder daughter. What she and her colleagues are doing is really important and thank you for rising such a caring, motivated and positive human being.

    As for as her watching out for Invisible - I'm pretty much convinced that Emily can find perfect march for herself. :-) I'm out from dating field for the reason to being happily married to ms. Right. :-)

  5. I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Keep it up! :)