Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a good day...

In an effort to post more often than once a week, here goes!! 

It is officially fall here now, leaves are beginning to turn colors and the house has gone from being stifling hot to a chilly cold in which I am now always wearing socks and lots of layers.  At night, I bundle up under 3 huge blankets, even pulling them over my head to keep my face warm.  I secretly love it though.  There's nothing better than cuddling under blankets and drinking hot chocolate while watching the Georgian version of American Idol before bed.  

Today has been an excellent day and there are still more things to look forward to! This morning, during my 5th grade class, we were reviewing the names of people in our family (grandmother, father, brother, etc.).  We then moved on to asking students if they have big or small families.  Here's a sample conversation that I had today with a little boy named Zura :

Me: Zura, Can you tell me about your family? 
Zura: My family is blue! I mean...big! 

Mind you, we JUST finished learning our colors.  It was just a very cute moment.  Which leads me to the next cute moment.  Like my friend Michelle, who has told us a lot about her 7th grade boyfriend, I discovered that I may have the makings for a 7th grade boyfriend as well! Today, at the end of my 7th grade class, this little boy Dato, ran up to my desk, gave me a card, and RAN out the door.  I opened it up to see what it was and inside I found an adorable card.  He had spelled out my name with this pink clay that he stuck to the paper and then placed hearts all around it.  Can you say, adorable??? All the students were gathering around, looking at it, some laughing, some ooing and ahhing.  I felt so loved :) He was so cute though - clearly a bit embarrassed, as he ran out of the room before I could even say thank you...Luckily, I managed to find him later and give him a proper thank you.  We'll see if this leads to other boyfriends or not...
Isn't it adorable???

After school, I came home to find a delicious meal on the table and Uncle Gia, with my fixed computer in tow.  I think I'm finally out of the woods with the computer problems.  I don't really know what else could go wrong!! We enjoyed a wonderful meal together, including several shots of vodka and some homemade 'Christmas' Vodka - made by Lela.  It really does taste like Christmas.  

Soon I will be heading out to meet the girls for a run around Samtredia.  This has sort of become a daily habit that I'm quickly getting addicted to.  We get all kinds of crazy looks and stares, but that hasn't stopped us yet!  Yesterday, we even had 2 men drive slowly by us, stop and open the door, while asking us if we wanted a ride.  I quickly yelled at them - Ara!!! In that tone of voice that says, 'are you crazy?? Do you really think we'd get in the car with you? Does it look like we want to drive somewhere right now?? We're dressed to run!!' I think they got the picture.  

After our run today, we're going to make peanut butter for the second time at my house - I'm soooo excited.  I don't think you all understand how delicious this nutty specialty is.  It makes my taste buds happy.  

Here's to a great run and a celebratory spoonful of peanut butter! 

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  1. Ok, finally we know that you are enjoying the city while you run and exercise. Great to see fitness as an item in your blog. Reminds me of the many years of running I did and there isn't anything better than a run on a beautiful fall day. So now we have to hear about all of the church visits and if you get to go to them for a worship service. From a Dads point of view you may also limit the amount of blogging on the drinking habits of Georgians and your partaking of these new traditions in your guest home (haha). Look forward to that church service update and more blogging about the kids you are influencing. Sounds like some of your frustration is being overcome by your influence on the kids. Great to read all about of your family and relieved to hear that computer is fixed. LYL Dad